«No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.» H.E. Luccock

3rd Hackathon

During this edition, there were 4 schools involved: CIC batxillerats, Thau Barcelona, Thau Sant Cugat and Petit Món. Despite the pandemic, students and mentors were able to participate in this Hackathon and learn together about music and light, while building instruments, playing with light and writing sonic-music.

GUITAR: Petit mon’s students built an amazing guitar

AURORA BEARS: With 3 LED’s in a fun device they learned about lights and waves.

WAVE MACHINE: A visual experiment to learn about wave behaviour

THERAMIN: An instrument build with an ultrasonic sensor converting distances to sounds trough Soundtrap.

BATTLE MUSIC CARS: At Thau Sant Cugat they built amazing battle robots that also play music.

AXOLOTL: The team is building an hydrofoil board.

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